So about a month ago I was doing my usual trolling of recruitment when I got a bite. He was a returning player named Vile Wretch who was starting a corp and wanted experienced players like myself to help him get it started. It was to be a paragon of fraternity, equality, and liberty. But his first action was to recruit me without checking me out in the slightest, so that didn’t work out.


It was just me and him in corp, but I smelled deep pockets and naivety, so I got to work. Now humans have a tendancy to conform with a crowd, even when that crowd is glaringly wrong, so as a key member on the ground floor of this I took the opportunity to fill the corp with four or five of my friends in order to take advantage of this.


Several of us have wormhole experience, so in the private convo we were having on the side we decided that getting this guy to pony up for a wormhole operation was going to be the best way to soak money from this guy. We started talking profitability numbers and backing up each others stories in teamspeak and soon he was in Jita buying us POSs and moon goos and whatnot.


Eventually we claimed we had found a perfect hole and he handed about 1.4b worth of stuff over to my freighter alt and logged off for the night. We had a laugh and high-fived each other and waited for the next day to break it to him.


He never came back on. I stuck around the corp as a director for a bit, using it for the odd bit of wardec or reverse safari before getting bored and leaving.


Over a month later he convoed me.


[ 2013.12.08 04:36:44 ] Psychotic Monk > How’s it going?

[ 2013.12.08 04:36:47 ] Vile Wretch > Psychotic, first off, I apologize for not being here.

[ 2013.12.08 04:37:12 ] Vile Wretch > I know it has been a couple weeks. I had joined Eve and was determined to get this corp up and running.

[ 2013.12.08 04:38:02 ] Vile Wretch > We set up steps for success that first night, however, I had an immediate death in the family.

[ 2013.12.08 04:38:22 ] Psychotic Monk > I’m sorry to hear that.

[ 2013.12.08 04:38:34 ] Psychotic Monk > You should have dropped me a mail.

[ 2013.12.08 04:38:49 ] Vile Wretch > It’s something I’ve been attending to and had to drop all of this, I’m sorry for not contacting you guys :(

[ 2013.12.08 04:39:16 ] Psychotic Monk > It’s totally okay. I’m sorry for your loss.

[ 2013.12.08 04:39:19 ] Vile Wretch > I’m reading mails from Bihiri Nova showing we started to grow.

[ 2013.12.08 04:39:59 ] Vile Wretch > Thank you by the way, it still blows and I’m sorry I didn’t follow through on original promises. That is something I owe you, an apology.

[ 2013.12.08 04:40:34 ] Psychotic Monk > It’s totally okay. I understand.

[ 2013.12.08 04:40:37 ] Psychotic Monk > Are you back now?

[ 2013.12.08 04:41:10 ] Vile Wretch > Yes, I am. I’m sure you’ve moved on; I wanted to see if you still would like to head towards the original plan?

[ 2013.12.08 04:41:48 ] Vile Wretch > I’m going to contact Bihiri as well and offer my full apologies.

[ 2013.12.08 04:42:18 ] Vile Wretch > Same plan as described before. I do understand if you can’t trust me after something like that :(

[ 2013.12.08 04:42:22 ] Psychotic Monk > We could probably do that, yeah. In fact, I’ve made more friends, even, that I’m sure would be into the whole thing.


So it looked like we were set up to do this whole thing again. He seemed to already trust me, so I didn’t call in the chorus to help me on this one. He did ask where the last set of gear he gave me went, though.


[ 2013.12.08 05:08:53 ] Vile Wretch > If you give me a chance, Psychotic, I promise you I won’t let you down this time.

[ 2013.12.08 05:10:50 ] Psychotic Monk > Don’t worry. It’s fine.

[ 2013.12.08 05:12:37 ] Psychotic Monk > I guess I’ll have to find a new wormhole, huh?

[ 2013.12.08 05:13:10 ] Vile Wretch > IDK, tbh. With Rubicon, what’s the best path?

[ 2013.12.08 05:14:37 ] Psychotic Monk > Rubicon hasn’t changed the viability of wormholes or moon goo reactions. I will have to watch for siphons somewhat dilligently.

[ 2013.12.08 05:15:04 ] Vile Wretch > We got into a war with Molestation Nation?

[ 2013.12.08 05:15:32 ] Psychotic Monk > We did. It was fun, iirc.

[ 2013.12.08 05:17:01 ] Vile Wretch > I’m seeing to we received around 12 members in total as well. Do we still have the PoS equipment?

[ 2013.12.08 05:18:15 ] Psychotic Monk > Um… it got liquidated when we decided you weren’t coming back. Sorry.

[ 2013.12.08 05:18:32 ] Vile Wretch > Np my man. Let’s set up more.


So we got to work finding a hole. He scanned for several hours and I eventually just contacted someone on for a cheap wormhole and they were nice enough to hook me up with one for free because they were a fan. (Shoutouts to anonymous scanner alt!)


He gave all the stuff and more to my hauler alt again, totalling about 2.1b and we went to the hole location. I even set up the tower and put a bit of fuel in it and we ran a site just to give him the flavour of this whole thing. He went to bed with just the bare tower up and him logged out at it and I took it down.


I caught up with him again the next day.


[23:42:14] Vile Wretch > hey hey

[23:42:46] Psychotic Monk > Oh, hey man.

[23:42:49] Psychotic Monk > Glad you’re here.

[23:43:28] Vile Wretch > yeah just got back slept in and went to work later in this morning

[23:43:34] Psychotic Monk > Cool.

[23:43:38] Vile Wretch > hows everything?

[23:43:44] Psychotic Monk > Good for me.

[23:43:57] Psychotic Monk > So listen, I need you to do something for me.

[23:44:12] Vile Wretch > sure what is it

[23:44:36] Psychotic Monk > Do any of the following things: Check my killboard, check my medals, check my bio, check my corp history or google me.

[23:44:56] Vile Wretch > yeah, already see the towers down.

[23:45:09] Psychotic Monk > Yeah. I stole it. I stole the last one, too.

[23:45:33] Vile Wretch > np mate good ventures to you had hoped this would work.

[23:45:38] Psychotic Monk > I’m going to do real talk for a second, though.

[23:46:09] Psychotic Monk > You should have checked me out long ago. Before bringing me into corp, and way before making me director or giving me a bunch of assets.

[23:46:40] Psychotic Monk > And you’re a super nice guy, but I’m not sure you’re a good choice to be a CEO of anything until you’re a bit better at the game.

[23:46:44] Vile Wretch > its all good. already knew your history. had hoped it would be different. Ohwell.

[23:47:13] Psychotic Monk > At what point did you know about my history?

[23:47:32] Vile Wretch > like I said just getting back into this. probably going to join a pvp corp to get back into the groove.

[23:47:56] Vile Wretch > already got multiple mails from different people telling me about you, also, I checked the forums rigorously.

[23:48:05] Psychotic Monk > For sure. You really need to know how to defend your corp from dudes like me before you make a corp.

[23:48:25] Vile Wretch > You want to play this game that way fine by you. You could of asked me I would have given it to you :P

[23:48:46] Vile Wretch > Just wish you didnt leave me in WH space without a scanner hah

[23:49:01] Psychotic Monk > Well in that case, could I please have about 3b?

[23:49:13] Vile Wretch > not now ;p

[23:49:32] Psychotic Monk > The holes should still be up, but you were cool and I’ll scan you out if you like.

[23:50:27] Psychotic Monk > In any case, seriously, get your feet under you before you try to protect and guide some other players. I could probably recommend some outfits, if you like.

[23:50:27] Vile Wretch > its alright just self destructing.

[23:51:01] Psychotic Monk > Alright. Although I recall your drake had some medium expensive mods on it. I’m perfectly willing to find the lowsec static for you.


[23:57:05] Psychotic Monk > Listen, though, I’m still all about giving people info and advice. Anything you need advice on?

[23:57:49] Vile Wretch > not that I can think of, Monk.

[23:58:30] Psychotic Monk > Alright then.



So he was very chill about it, which shows a really good attitude about the whole thing. I laid my scanner alt on the tower location to give his Drake a route out of the hole, since he’d been cool, but found only a small gang of murderers in that spot, including a friend of mine, who I convoed.


[23:54:43] Sith1s Spectre > hey monk

[23:54:43] Psychotic Monk > Very small world.

[23:54:56] Psychotic Monk > I *just* ran a theft in the exact spot you’re sitting.

[23:55:01] Sith1s Spectre > lol

[23:55:21] Psychotic Monk > You guys in a nearby static or doing something more serious?

[23:55:31] Sith1s Spectre > nothing serious planned

[23:55:34] Sith1s Spectre > just scouting

[23:55:48] Psychotic Monk > Oh, okay, cool.

[23:56:09] Sith1s Spectre > we’re pulling back – nothing of real interst here for us

[23:56:16] Sith1s Spectre > apart from a now dead drake

[23:56:21] Sith1s Spectre > <url=killReport:35227900:1928dc1da825eadc90b02d4bc0aeec3286083edd>Kill: Vile Wretch (Drake)</url>  <url=killReport:35227908:a653e8e3fe7abfd26311405157d2110eba74e909>Kill: Vile Wretch (Capsule)</url>

[23:56:43] Psychotic Monk > Yup, that’s the guy I stole about 3.6b from.

[23:57:01] Sith1s Spectre > lol

[23:57:44] Sith1s Spectre > did you just see us kill him or something?

[23:58:10] Sith1s Spectre > i mean, fuck he must be having a bad day, 1st he gets robbed, then we drop on him as he’s self destructing his drake

[23:58:14] Psychotic Monk > Nope.  We’re in corp together.  I took down the tower while he was sleeping and just broke the news to him.

[00:00:07] Sith1s Spectre > but yeah, all yours bud, we’ve pulled out – got 3 other holes nearby to check out

[00:00:12] Psychotic Monk > ♥

[00:00:18] Psychotic Monk > Now to line up the next targets.

[00:00:21] Psychotic Monk > o/

[00:00:23] Sith1s Spectre > :)

[00:00:25] Sith1s Spectre > o/

So, with our target robbed twice and murdered, but now safely in station, he made Monk the CEO and logged off. I hope he does well, he was a reasonably cool guy.