I’m not particularly careful with my real life info.  My name was put out when I ran for CSM and every once in a while people like to include my real life info in their in-game grievances against me.  It is almost always hilarious and, while this story is just beginning, I think it’s going to be really funny before it ends.


Our friend in this one is the CEO of a corp we decced more or less at random called Locke DieDrake.  We’ve killed a Maelstrom and a Merlin (or one of the Caldari frigs, I forget which) from his corp.  All in all, it’s been very quiet this war, but our friend Locke has decided to make it a bit more interesting.  Enjoy a relevant chatlog.


[02:41:47] Psychotic Monk > Hey.
[02:41:49] Psychotic Monk > What’s up?
[02:41:50] Locke DieDrake > Well hi there
[02:42:08] Psychotic Monk > Hi.
[02:42:09] Locke DieDrake > so lay it out for me, what do we need to do to end this thing?
[02:43:11] Psychotic Monk > Well, we need the cash to make more different wardecs. Decs for the dec god and all that. So it comes down to money.
[02:43:17] Psychotic Monk > 500m is pretty standard.
[02:43:44] Locke DieDrake > and what garuntee do I have?
[02:43:56] Locke DieDrake > (Redacted because it’s my real life name and address)
[02:44:27] Psychotic Monk > The game mechanics mean that if I accept your in-game surrender then we can’t dec you again for several weeks.
[02:44:36] Psychotic Monk > Yup, that’s my info. What of it?
[02:45:04] Locke DieDrake > Oh nothing in particular
[02:45:20] Locke DieDrake > So basically, you want 500mil from us to stop the war, so you can declare other wars?
[02:45:29] Psychotic Monk > Yup.
[02:45:30] Locke DieDrake > That doesn’t really work for us
[02:45:35] Psychotic Monk > No? Why not?
[02:45:42] Locke DieDrake > So, I guess we’ll wait it out.
[02:46:42] Psychotic Monk > Okily-doke.
[02:46:45] Psychotic Monk > Lemme know.
[02:46:53] Locke DieDrake > I’ll give you 60mil
[02:46:59] Locke DieDrake > Enough to pay for this war and the next
[02:47:00] Locke DieDrake > nothing more
[02:47:10] Psychotic Monk > That would pay for 1.2 wars.
[02:47:13] Psychotic Monk > So no thanks.
[02:47:28] Locke DieDrake > well ok. See you around then
[02:48:05] Locke DieDrake > BTw, you might really consider (redacted because this is how he got my info). Not wise to piss people off and then give them your address.
[02:48:49] Psychotic Monk > Why not?
[02:49:09] Psychotic Monk > I am willing to play chess with people who know my address.
[02:49:13] Locke DieDrake > You’ve played this game long enough to know, some people take it very seriously.
[02:49:59] Locke DieDrake > You are opening yourself to real world harrasment as a result of your play choices. I’m just pointing it out.
[02:51:08] Psychotic Monk > Real world harassment is a matter for the police.
[02:51:32] Locke DieDrake > What an interesting attitude
[02:51:45] Psychotic Monk > Interesting in what way?
[02:52:16] Locke DieDrake > Well, you make a point of basically being an asshole in game, but you think the equivilent IRL is a police matter
[02:52:22] Locke DieDrake > I find that dichotomy interesting
[02:53:12] Locke DieDrake > I mean, hypothetically, there are a lot of things someone could do that aren’t illegal
[02:53:21] Psychotic Monk > In chess people kill my pieces and I don’t try to have them charged with murder. I think confusing things that happen inside games with things that happen in real life is a pretty skewed worldview.
[02:53:25] Psychotic Monk > Like what?
[02:54:26] Locke DieDrake > It’s seriously disengenious to compare eve to chess. I rarely have to rebuild my fleet of pieces in chess taking some period of real time
[02:54:37] Locke DieDrake > but I understand your point
[02:55:39] Psychotic Monk > You’re right. It’s closer to poker. You bring money to the table with the understanding that you’re playing a game where you might lose it.
[02:55:58] Locke DieDrake > And people get shot playing poker
[02:55:59] Psychotic Monk > But for the inside-game/outside-game comparison, chess works fine.
[02:56:01] Locke DieDrake > ;)
[02:56:19] Psychotic Monk > People get hit by cars crossing the street.
[02:56:31] Psychotic Monk > Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever cross a street.
[02:57:29] Locke DieDrake > hey look, it’s pretty clear you think I’m trying to threaten you, I’m not. If I go after you, I’m not going to warn you first. However, a war dec is petty business in the scheme (even just the scheme of eve). I was just trying to make a friendly poin
[02:57:31] Locke DieDrake > t
[02:57:48] Psychotic Monk > Business scheme?
[02:57:57] Psychotic Monk > You think this is to make money?
[02:58:05] Locke DieDrake > no
[02:58:13] Locke DieDrake > you misunderstand.
[02:58:22] Locke DieDrake > Petty business in the grand scheme of things
[02:58:27] Locke DieDrake > as in, no big eadl
[02:58:28] Locke DieDrake > deal
[02:58:43] Psychotic Monk > It’s true. Fun, though. And fun is generally the point of games.
[02:58:49] Psychotic Monk > I enjoy it.
[02:59:13] Locke DieDrake > true enough
[03:00:26] Locke DieDrake > well, enjoy your trolling. I’m sure we’ll see each other around.
[03:00:45] Psychotic Monk > What, like at my house?
[03:01:05] Locke DieDrake > why would you assume such a thing?
[03:01:22] Psychotic Monk > Because you posted my address and said you’d be seeing me.
[03:01:24] Psychotic Monk > Creepy.
[03:01:45] Locke DieDrake > oh, are you going to play victim now?
[03:02:31] Locke DieDrake > You should stick with the tough guy routine you started with
[03:02:37] Locke DieDrake > it was far more convicing
[03:03:07] Psychotic Monk > If someone told you they knew where you lived and called you names and told you that you’re a terrible person said they’d be seeing you you wouldn’t think that’s creepy?
[03:06:22] Psychotic Monk > Or do you think that’s something totally normal to say to a person?
[03:07:52] Locke DieDrake > I didn’t call you names, lets not inflate this.
[03:08:02] Locke DieDrake > I characterized you no differently than you did yourself
[03:08:08] Locke DieDrake > Albeit not in this conversation
[03:08:09] Psychotic Monk > [02:52:16] Locke DieDrake > Well, you make a point of basically being an asshole in game, but you think the equivilent IRL is a police matter
[03:08:30] Psychotic Monk > But that’s not really the heart of this matter.
[03:08:45] Locke DieDrake > Again, I’m not trying to threaten you, despite your repeated attempts to make it sound like I am
[03:09:12] Psychotic Monk > But you’ve displayed that you know where I live and even said you’ll be seeing me.
[03:09:52] Psychotic Monk > Maybe not explicitly a threat, but certainly would cause a person to make sure their doors are locked, no?
[03:10:11] Psychotic Monk > Or if a stranger in the street said that to you would you be completely at ease?
[03:10:51] Locke DieDrake > We live in the same universe, you specifically war decced my corp, don’t you think its likely we’ll see each other around?
[03:11:16] Psychotic Monk > With seven odd billion people on the planet probably not, no.
[03:11:28] Locke DieDrake > wrong universe
[03:11:29] Locke DieDrake > ;)
[03:12:18] Psychotic Monk > I’m sure our internet spaceships will shoot at each other at some point.
[03:13:26] Locke DieDrake > Actually, in point of fact, I doubt they will. I’ve been around long enough to know not to match guns with someone like yourself
[03:13:38] Psychotic Monk > Okay then.
[03:14:39] Locke DieDrake > well, it’s been… interesting.
[03:14:58] Locke DieDrake > See you around (EvE). Or not, as the case may be.